Baby Kitten

The era of dogs is over! The era of cats has arrived. With the cutest Meme Token, Baby Kitten will promote the revolution.

CA: 0x8441A16936c7FC3eA28F9E9BE8d4CE0270C9931a

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// BabyKitten Ecology


6% Buy/Sell Tax

A 6% fee will be allocated to marketing and development of the project to take the token to 1000x.

Buy Back

We will maintain a buy back system to stabilize the $BabyKitten currency whenever necessary, it will be activated and all repurchased tokens will be burned

Total Supply

There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.


Baby Kitten (BabyKitten) is a memecoin project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) that aims to create a fun and engaging community centered around memes and cryptocurrencies.

Our mission is to reach new heights by establishing an unbreakable bond between humans and feline friends while exploring the potential of blockchain technology.

This adorable MemeCoin is here to create new heights in the world of memes. The token's catchy name and vibrant community fuel its popularity, reflecting the playful spirit of meme culture in the cryptocurrency world.

// Our Way to Space ?

Our Roadmap


Phase 1

Our journey begins with an exciting project launch on the Binance Smart Chain. We introduce Baby Kitten($BabyKitten) to the world, laying the foundation for a memecoin revolution.


Phase 2

During this phase, we focus on fostering a strong and engaged community. We actively connect with meme enthusiasts, host events, and initiate giveaways to build a vibrant Baby Kitten community.


Phase 3

We set our sights on global reach. Through strategic partnerships and increased accessibility, we expand the Baby Kitten ecosystem to a wider audience, making memecoin history on a global scale.

Baby Kitten to the moon!


Baby Kitten in to moon

Join us to revolutionize the future — a place where cats will rule. We will reach new heights, establishing an unbreakable bond between humans and feline friends. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with Baby Kitten! Forget dogs and frogs, we will make a catastrophic revolution at full speed straight to the moon!

CA: 0x8441A16936c7FC3eA28F9E9BE8d4CE0270C9931a

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